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It is very important to maintain parquet floors, Claus Parketvloeren gives you a few tips to maintain your parquet to the best.

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  • First and foremost maintain your parquet floors well 
  • Maintain your parquet with the suggested products for oiled and oil varnished parquets, as then your parquet will be all the more beautiful over the years. Do not use other products that could damage your parquet 
  • Provide good protection for your parquet floors with strong doormats for the dirt on your shoes, protective felt pads on your chairs and furniture 
  • No flower pots directly on a parquet floor 
  • A humidifier is of great importance to maintain the beauty of your parquet floors 
  • No sharp objects such as stiletto heels, etc. 
  • Increase the temperature of your underfloor heating gradually 
  • Do not use rubber on parquet floors 
  • Immediately remove spilled liquids 
  • No hard plastic wheels directly on parquet floors