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Warping of wood

Important warping of wood: wood is a living product and will warp under the influence of a changing mass moisture content.

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Wood is a living product and it will warp under the influence of a changing mass moisture content. You should know that the mass moisture content of wood can change according to the prevailing relative humidity of the room where the parquet has been laid.

As the humidity can change considerably between summer and winter (variations between 40% minimum and 80% maximum) the parquet floor will thus shrink and expand depending on the time of year. This is completely normal and it is thus recommended to install a hygrometer in order to bring about the ideal humidity with a humidifier. If the rooms are then heated, the parquet floor releases its last moisture such that it can detach from its joints.

The warping of wood thus depends on the humidity, the temperature (indirect) and the type of wood. Wood types such as beech, maple, cherry, American oak, etc, will warp more than other types of wood such as French oak, teak, afzelia, merbau, afromosia, padauk, kambala and walnut.

The width of the planks also plays a role, for example. Oak presents no problems with 7 cm wide planks, but indeed sometimes with 20 cm planks and more.

You must be aware that wood is a natural product and there is a risk of deformation, formation of cracks, or open splits in the joints, and must be tolerated.

You are the most important link in limiting these flaws as much as possible. We thus provide a few tips here for your parquet floors. Radiators, air convectors and underfloor heating produce dry air, so again it is advisable to humidify the air. Rooms that are not occupied in winter must always be heated to at least 10 degrees of heat.